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We believe that when we examine our conditioning and become more aware of our impact on clients, we inevitably improve our standard of care and collectively begin to take steps to dismantle oppression in the mental health system. We use our experience and practice-based evidence to create courses that inspire awareness and mindful participation in the therapeutic process. 

When you take our courses, you will have the opportunity to engage in a transformative process that has as much potential to deepen your experience of yourself as it is to learn important clinical skills, regardless of your professional experience, unique skillset, or therapeutic approach.

When you take our courses, you join a community of professionals who are dedicated to self-awareness and mindful participation in the therapeutic relationship.

Popular Courses

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Deborah Yarock
Co-Founder, Instructor
Deborah Yarock, MFT uses her 30+ years of experience to help clinicians address clinical impasses that emerge from transference-countertransference interactions, with particular expertise in navigating ethical dilemmas, power dynamics, oppression/internalized oppression, and personal/professional boundaries. In order to accommodate busy and complex schedules, she offers consultations via phone. Feel free to contact Deborah today for a consultation or to explore ways she might be able to help you in your work. LEARN MORE.
Susan King, CAS Headshot
Clinical Consultant
Susan King uses her 30+ years of experience as a certified addiction specialist in community mental health to support clinicians with processing countertransference reactions and impasses when confronted with clients’ addictive behaviors, navigating the relationship between pain management medication and recovery, with particular expertise in developing assessment and treatment planning for clients with dual diagnosis who need a unique approach tailored to the severity of their experience. She is also quite skilled at collaborating with psychiatrists and medical professionals when faced with challenges and systemic obstacles.  Susan offers consultations via phone and video. Feel free to contact her today for a consultation, to explore ways she might be able to help you in your work, or to provide training to your staff. LEARN MORE.