Inner Science Institute (InSci) specializes in training mental health professionals who value progressive social change and spiritual awakening to recognize and amplify internal resources by learning to work from the inside out.

Why We Are Here

If you want to be engaged in a transformative process that has as much potential to deepen your experience of yourself as it is to learn important clinical skills, you are in the right place.

As mental health professionals, many of us look for training that will expand and refine our clinical skills, increase resiliency, and deepen self-awareness. Whether we are new to the field, a seasoned professional, or somewhere in between, there comes a point when we begin to look to fulfill continuing education units or professional development requirements with training and education that goes beyond the canned seminars.

While many universities and institutions teach skills and therapeutic approaches, we are often left to our own devices when attempting to develop the inner qualities necessary to sit with our clients compassionately and skillfully. This is one of the many reasons Inner Science Institute was created. At InSci, we know that expanding self-awareness has a positive impact on the quality of our therapeutic presence, and because of this, we take great care to write our own material. Born from our clinical and life experiences as well as our spiritual practices, we offer you what we hope will be a unique and rich learning experience. We operate personally and professionally through a social justice lens because we believe that therapy cannot be separated from familial, societal, and religious conditioning. With this lens in mind, we weave these important issues into our courses.

What We Offer

Inner Science Institute (InSci) provides courses and events for lifelong learners as well as mental health professionals interested in fulfilling continuing education units. An integrative institute informed by the inner sciences of psychology and spirituality, InSci offers transdisciplinary education and training to those interested in personal transformation, social change, and spiritual awakening.

Through its unique curriculum, InSci aims to inspire professionals to move toward mindful participation in the therapeutic process while encouraging the co-emergence of expansive self-awareness alongside increasingly more intense world events.

Meet Our Staff

Women who run the show.

Co-Founder, CEO, Instructor

Tamara has degrees and certificates in integral counseling psychology, neurobiologically-informed trauma treatment, mindful self-compassion, meditation, spiritual counseling, energy medicine, shamanic counseling, and ecopsychology. Since 2004, she has studied and trained in spiritual and psychological traditions from all over the globe and is dedicated to teaching spiritual principles and practices specifically tailored to improve mental and emotional health.

In her private practice Tamara specializes in helping women recognize & amplify inner resources to recover from trauma, addiction, anxiety, and depression while attending to the important relationships in their lives. To find out more about her psychotherapy practice, go to

Co-Founder, Instructor

Deborah has degrees and training in integral counseling psychology, psychological process work, re-evaluation counseling, and extensive experience in all phases of addiction treatment. As an adjunct professor, she has taught graduate and undergraduate psychology courses throughout the San Francisco Bay Area. Since 1995, while teaching and mentoring pre-professionals in the field of community mental health, Deborah expanded services by developing and running practicum sites. She has also created avenues to advance cultural competency, address stress and vicarious trauma, and encourage comprehensive grief support.

Throughout her career, Deborah has respected and addressed the practical realities of life alongside deeper identity and soul-searching aspects of therapeutic work. To find out more about her psychotherapy practice, go to